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We've hosted our own events and collaborated on a couple as well.

THEMED: We've held themed vendor showcase events such as 'Mother's Day Market', 'Dussehra-Diwali Fest' & 'Summer Bazaar'. 

These events drew over 300 people each.

UNIQUE: We've worked with the Cary 'School of Rock' and local artists and jewelers to bring unique events. A couple of these successfully promoted foot traffic at a local pub in downtown Raleigh.


We hosted a couple events in collaboration with local Non-profit and hobby groups that resulted in promoting small business owners (service industry - restaurants, realtors, kids classes, etc.). 

Here's a sneak peak of the events we hosted:

- Bazaars

- Mother's Day Market

- Music

- Music-Art-Jewelry

- Pastry Sampling Tour

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