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Aarthi Sridharan

Decora India

Thanks so much Localista for organizing such a fantastic summer bazaar. The event management was excellent and Shilpa was very professional, interacting with vendors and customers alike, making sure everything was perfect for the vendors and visitors. It was pretty amazing to learn this was her first event and oh my, what an organization! Localista flyers were everywhere - on communities, facebook groups, restaurants, and local stores. The promotional efforts by Localista helped build good traffic and sales. Looking forward to partner with Localista and Shilpa on many such events.Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Lakshmi Ganesh

Ellora Handmade

When I first met Shilpa, she was so quite and shy. I had no idea there was such a dynamic woman inside of her. Her professionalism, her passion, her diligence, her commitment all was shown through in Localista's first event. The foot traffic was simply amazing. She also diverted the right traffic to the right vendors. We did not have to lift a finger throughout this whole event. I am so glad we have Shilpa Govind. Waiting to do many more shows with her.

Aparna Nalam


At the outset, let me congratulate you Shilpa for the response you received on your first event which definitely is all due to your dedication and professionalism.
You were so adept at directing the clients to the right place!!

Look forward to work for many more such events!!

Usha Sankar

Surya Enterprises

Many congratulations on a successful first Localista bazaar. Thank you for including me as a vendor. The event was well organized and your efforts to publicize it and bring in the crowds were commendable. Wishing you much success in your future events!!

Jyothi Philar Kaushik

Woven Saree Love

This was my very first time being part of an event and I am so glad that it was led and hosted by Shilpa. She did an amazing job supporting, guiding and helping all vendors involved have a great time throughout the process. Getting the word out was single handedly done by her where she consistently advertised on multiple groups, distributed flyers in the community, met with each vendor, got to know their products and made a video for each one of us. This especially gave me more visibility and brought in a larger crowd as it increased awareness of Woven Saree Love. I was impressed by her friendly nature, patience and interpersonal skills. In all, working with this team seemed like a piece of cake and a great learning experience for me. Can't thank you enough Shilpa and hope to work with you again soon.Love, Woven Saree Love (Jyothi)

Latha Kamath Tingare

Libaas Boutique

I would like to thank Shilpa for her immense efforts in organizing the successful event which drew a lot of new customers. Shilpa gave us important tips to market our products effectively!!

Ramya Muthuvel


Dear Shilpa,

That was such a wonderful, successful event, thank you for including to participate the local vendor event conducted through Localista. Your hard work and dedication on advertising this event was amazing for this event. Keep up with all your good work and All the very best. Please include our products in upcoming events as well.

Thanks again,
Ramya from Iusenaturalproducts

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