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Founder & CoE (Chief of Everything)

Shilpa Nagaraj

Professional experience in the software realm, including product management & development. An eye for creative expression driven by a passion for entrepreneurship.


I have always loved browsing local stores. I'm fascinated by the uniqueness of every store I visit & cannot cease to marvel at the local talent reflected in various products and services. 

Having lived in the triangle area for many years, I realized how little of the area I've truly explored. I know this to be the case for many more.

I also discovered that local talent extends far beyond brick & mortar fronts. The entrepreneurial flame burns passionately in small studios and homes, eager to be brought to light. 

Localista was born from a need to better expose such treasures across the triangle and more.

I would love to share the stories of many aspiring entrepreneurs in their endeavors to reach a larger market.

Our Vision is to level the playing field for small local vendors by boosting their visibility.

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